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About Me

Hi there! My names Elle, and I'm a 14 year old aspiring singer, dancer and photographer! I love to take little snapshots of my life and everything in it! Welcome to my blog where I'm sharing my photos of what I've been getting up to!
Please leave a comment if there is something you would like to know from looking at my blog :)

Unfortunately for my parents, growing up, I always wanted a different name, as Ella was and still is common at my school. I decided overnight that I wanted to be called Elle, a nickname that I'd had for a while. Of course, everybody thought this was ridiculous, and nowadays the only people who call me Elle are my parents and a few close friends. So, for my blog, I decided to be Elle, because its my way of expressing who I'd really like to be. 

This blog is a messy jumbled showcase of my life, including photos I have taken out and about, and of recent items I have been loving. To be honest, I know my blog isn't perfect, but that also represents me, because hey! Neither am I.

Love Elle xx