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Scotland 2016: Landmark

By 07:40

4: Near where we were staying was Landmark in Carrbridge! This is a really interesting 'Forest Adventure Park' which has lots of bits to it. I think I'd recommend this more for summer, as lots of things weren't open due to the weather. However, I still think it was a nice place to visit, and fun day out for me and my friends.

A really interesting part of Landmark is the 'Bamboozeleum' which sounds strange, but was a laugh for us. It was full of interesting optical illusions and effects, some of which made us giggle, and others made us stop in our tracks as they were quite relaxing to watch.

Landmark also has lots of outdoor activities, including: Nature trails, outdoor interesting climbing and play equipment, a couple of waterslides (they weren't open), a large scale shooting arcade game thing, lots of bits and bobs to look at and the highest wooden tower in Britain!

The tower was very impressive, and you could see the Cairngorms from it, which was amazing, and something that couldn't be caught on camera really. All in all, it was a worthy trip!

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