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Scotland 2016: Cairngorm/Aviemore

By 06:21

2/3: Cairngorms and Aviemore
While we were in Scotland I had the opportunity to try a bit of skiing, which I have only done once -when I was seven. This time round we went up the Cairngorm mountains, which were absolutely stunning from below and up above. I have to admit my skiing experience didn't end well, and although I really didn't enjoy skiing, I still got to witness the stunning views provided. Overall, I have to say, the experience is amazing, and I'm happy I went up there, but I just think I needed some more experience before going somewhere so full on!

Another place that was great for other reasons was Aviemore. This town wasn't far from us, and provided us with many things as the week went by. As well as being a nice place to hang out in general, there are so many great shops there (lots of winter sports related shops), including a sweet shop that we visited a few times too many! One of my favourite memories from this trip was when me and the other three oldest kids took a trip to the tesco, which, for some reason, was hilarious. The combination of being on holiday, being with friends and being trusted with a large shop for the adults just made it brilliant!

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