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My Birthday 2015

By 05:56

I'm so happy to be blogging again! I literally have had the most busiest few weeks ever and I've finally got round to blogging what happened! It was my birthday (and my dance show) last month and I had the best week ever! However, I got back to school and I was really behind because I'd been so busy. Anyway, panic over, and now I have a perfect day to share all these lovely photos from my party, and also what I got for my birthday. Enjoy!
Love, Elle x

My Mum decorated the house before me and my friends came back and it looked so good! 

We had a bit of a dance in the lounge before we went out one of our local restaurants! It was hilarious!

 We had some really great conversations while in the restaurant, and it was so great to have all my best friends with me at once!

 We all had pizza and chips to share for dinner, which is one of the best meals, lets be honest!

Instead of a normal birthday cake, I had a Millie's Cookies giant cookie thing, and it was absolutely amazing! I really recommend it!

 Now on to what I got: I'd just like to say that I am in no way bragging or boasting, just want to share what I was given!

The first thing I saw when I got my presents was this MAC box and I got so excited!

The only thing I had asked for here was the lipstick, and this is because I was just about to do my dance show, and we wear bright red lipstick when we perform! I actually got a lipstick (Ruby Woo) and its matching liner! Then I also got a mineralise skin finish (Lightscapade).

To go with this I got this Real Techniques set (Nic's Pics) which is absolutely amazing!

Then to go with I got a instant camera in this light pink colour, which was brilliant for the show because I took loads of cute polaroids of us in our costumes!

This will be forever my favourite mug!

I literally screamed when I opened this I was so excited! The packaging is so beautiful and  then the colours inside are just stunning! I really recommend this, especially for a gift for christmas because its just perfect!

My parents also got me this cosy Jack Wills hoodie thats just amazing for winter!

I also got this benefit 12 days of christmas advent calendar, and everything inside this is such a great size to fit in a handbag and take out!

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