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Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty

By 07:20

Me and Mum managed to get tickets to see the fantastic show of Sleeping Beauty, which is a ballet directed and choreographed by Matthew Bourne. It is named 'a gothic romance' and the whole set very creepy and gothic, but its also very beautiful and mesmerising. In places, this take on Sleeping Beauty is quite different from the original story and disney classic (without giving too much away, there were subtle vampires in this show!). The style of ballet isn't so like a classic ballet (none of the characters dance on  pointe), and has more of a contemporary/ballet feel. 

The music was classic Tchaikovsky and I recognised it from last years ballet show as well! Overall, this show was incredible, however, we saw the last performance at the Curve. It could and most likely will be moving somewhere else, and if it is I'd definitely recommend it because its just an exciting, slightly different treat!I wouldn't really recommend this for younger kids because at times it can get quite confusing and sometimes slightly scary. 

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