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London Adventure: Billy Elliot!

By 10:34

Recently, me and my family took a trip up to London again to have a nice day out and see a musical, marking my 7th trip to the West End! London will always be one of my favourite places ever, and I hope you enjoy taking a look at where I went!
Love, Elle x

When we first arrived we checked in to our hotel which we stay in whenever we are in London, because its so easy to get to places and we know its a brilliant hotel!

(This was the view from our room!)

After we had checked in we went for a walk round a few shops before the show!

 Straight away I spotted Hollister and we spent quite a long time in there and I bought a really nice checked black and white shirt. I could have bought anything in there though!

The next shop was Anthropologie, which I've never been in before, but now I'm glad I have because there was so much nice stuff in there! We bought the nicest candle that smells of whipped cream and pear!

Of course we had to visit Hamleys for my sister, and she really enjoyed taking us around EVERY floor before she found what she wanted on the first floor.

We had our dinner at Byrons Burgers which I always enjoy, and I actually had quite a bad headache, so instead of having a diet coke like usual, Mum bought me a huge oreo milkshake to cheer me up (which probably won't have helped the headache!) and it was so good! To eat I had the chicken burger (as usual!).

Billy Elliot was absolutely incredible! We did Billy Elliot in our dance show last year, so I knew quite a lot of the music, but I'd never actually seen the show, so it was amazing to go and watch the show itself! The dancing was absolutely breathtaking, especially the boy who played Billy.  I think the music was also particularly good (a lot of it was done by Elton John), and especially where there was some very dramatic scenes to do with the miners strike. Its definitely one of my favourite shows that I've seen on the west end stage! Billy Elliot has actually been at this theatre for ten years, and I think its actually going to go on tour, so it really would be one to look out for.

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