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Christmas Vibes

By 07:08

Hey! Omggg its so close to christmas now its making me so happy watching all the adverts and seeing all the decorations! I'm in such a good mood this time of year because its my birthday next week and my huge dance show next week and when its all over christmas rolls in! I though I'd do a christmassy post on how I've been getting in the mood lately! Enjoy!
Love, Elle xx

So first of all, we dug out a couple of christmas films! The top one is the Polar Express which is my favourite animated christmas movie ever! I think what makes it so good is the soundtrack; whenever I hear the music I just feel so christmassy! Nativity (the bottom film) is a lot less well-known and a very english comedy! Its my sisters favourite and always makes us giggle!

I know that I've only just done a blog post on candles but me and Mum couldn't resist these when we were out! This one is Christmas Cookie and smells just like it says! This is one of the more sweeter smells, but its not too over the top!

The packaging on this candle is so cute and it just looks like christmas! It smells very minty and fresh, and as you would imagine, just like candy canes!

 This cool Joy light was from Asda, and looks so cute in our study! The little decorations are mine and my sisters this year, and are both from John Lewis.

Omg! This jumper is incredible! If you didn't know, the quote is from Home Alone, which definitely is my favourite christmas film ever! This was cheap from primark and I am so in love! (This shirt I'm wearing underneath is from Hollister if you were wandering.)

These leggings were also from primark, and I'm not joking, they have so many different pairs, some are a lot more over the top these!

Lush have their Christmas collection in now, so I picked up a Golden Wonder bath bomb because I wanted to have something relaxing in a bath before the dance show!

And I don't think it would be Christmas for me without Snow Fairy shower gel! This smells incredible and is very sweet! It just reminds me of this time of year, and we always stock up because it sells out very quickly!

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