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Autumn/Winter Candles

By 08:23

Hi! I felt like doing something autumnal today (so I opted for candles!), especially because Christmas is just round the corner! I can't believe that its so close, where did this year go? That said, I can't wait to get all the decorations out! I'm already pulling out Christmas movies! 

I've put together a collection of brilliant candles to talk about, enjoy!
 Love, Elle x

This first candle is Cinnamon Spice from New Look, which I never would go to for candles, but actually this is amazing! It spells exactly like Christmas in a jar! I'm not kidding, this blend of smells is just christmas to me! Also, the price of this was incredible! I'm pretty sure this was around eight pounds, and not only that, it also looks really classy on the fireplace!

This is a Yankee candle jar, which you can get in three sizes (small, medium and large) and this is actually only a small so it was about eight pounds as well. I love this candle, I think this probably my favourite one for Autumn. It smells like roasting marshmallows, but not overly sweet with the marshmallows if you don't like that sort of thing!

This Candle is from Anthropologie and is called Whipped Cream & Pear.  I know I've said this for most of them but this literally smells like heaven! Its not too sweet, but it is a sweet sent. I think this is perfect for a kitchen because it just smells gorgeous and exactly how you'd imagine it to.

I think you'd either love or hate this candle to be honest, it has a very strong sweet scent, which I know some people can really hate. It also makes the whole room smell of this scent, so I guess, definitely don't buy this if you don't like sweet scents. This candle is actually another Yankee candle, but from the home section in Asda, because they don't come with such ugly packaging!

This is a lot more on the pricey side, because this candle (Red Roses) is a Jo Malone candle. This is a very floral scent, but its not like spring flowers, its definitely more of a damp petals/autumnal candle.

I don't have a clue where this one is from, except that it smells incredible. This definitely has a sort of musky/autumn smell to it, and if you can find where its from, I'd definitely recommend it!

Again, this is more on the pricey side, and I think this probably the least Autumnal candle, infact, I just think it isn't! I just couldn't not mention this because it is such a beautiful, fresh smelling candle! (This is Seychelles by the White Company)

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