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Tanya Burr's New Collection

By 03:15

 For those who do not know, Tanya Burr is a famous Youtuber/Blogger who has recently re-released her own makeup line with a beautiful new packaging and a few new additions to the range! I seem to have unintentionally managed to get hold of one of every different product from Tanya Burr's new range! I have to say I am in love with the new gold packaging and the majority of the products!

Love, Elle x

 The first products I got hold off were two of the new lip glosses! These were in the original line but I think that they have added/changed a few colours. The lighter colour is called Just Peachy and the darker colour is called Afternoon Tea. In my opinion they are the best lip glosses you will come across, but I'm not really one to wear lipgloss because I find it really annoying! Both the colours are really pretty, but I've found that Afternoon Tea is a lot more wearable, even though it doesn't look it!

 Tanya Burr released three new eye shadow palettes, and I originally wanted the Hollywood palette which has a mixture of warm brown colours, which I usually tend to be attracted to, but it had sold out when I visited. I ended up with this palette (Galaxy Eye Palette) and I've been blown away with how beautiful it is! It creates a gorgeous smoky eye look!

Usually, to fill my brows in, I will use a dark brown colour from one of my eyeshadow palettes, but its been annoying me recently because I'm using up those colours ten times faster than the rest of the palette. I've found that this perfect brow kit is actually so useful to have powder that is reserved for brows! I normally use chestnut or a mixture of pebble and hot cocoa! 

 I found this (Peachy Glow cheek palette) in super drug a couple of days before it was supposed to be released, which really confused me, but I bought it anyway because I knew that it would probably sell out! For some reason I keep smashing my blushes by accident recently, so it was really useful to get a palette that has a beautiful blush (and a bronzer that isn't orange-toned!) in a form of container that isn't so easily smash able! I've found that the blush in this really is stunning and not too blue-toned for me! I like the bronzer and highlighter too but they are't the best.

I thought this nail varnish (Duvet Day) would be a nice colour for winter, but I've found that although the colour is nice, the actually formula just isn't the best and needs a lot of coats for it not to look patchy. To be honest this is the only product from the range that I wouldn't recommend. 

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