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Ibiza Baby!: Sluiz

By 03:23


The final place on my Ibiza top ten is Sluiz! Sluiz is a funky shop that reminds me of Urban Outfitters mixed with Las Dalias Hippy Market. It pretty much sold everything you could think of, but everything had its own quirky spin on things. We bought a couple of items for our house and we did look around the clothes section but we didn't find anything that wasn't incredibly strange or was quite expensive for what it was!

We really just enjoyed visiting and seeing all the quirky displays and objects! It was a great place to visit when the weather was slightly worse (we had a few days of thunderstorms while we were there!)

Sluiz also has its own little chilled bar which was under a canopy of leaves. We didn't stop to buy anything but it was such a lovely area!

 All the colours of Sluiz really make it a great place to take photos! I definitely took the most photos here because there was just so much to look at!

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