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Bedroom Look October 2015

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I went shopping yesterday and I went into Primark which I must admit I don't do a lot of shopping there because the one closest to me is literally the most busiest shop on the planet! Although I know they sell really affordable clothes I just can't face the hassle most of the time! That said, I did manage to go in there  yesterday because it was't so bad and me and mum just fancied a look because we never go in there (I think I've been there under 10 times in my whole life), and I actually found quite a few nice homeware items that inspired me to take a few pictures of my bedroom and how it looks right now because I love it!  A few of these items are sort of low-key christmas looking which was sort of intentional! Hope this gives some inspiration of how to do christmassy before christmas actually arrives! 
Love, Elle xx

This first item is this little hanging picture that was really cheap and is so cute! I really love the way it looks especially with the little heart decoration which was a christmas present from one of my friends a couple of years back. Primark do loads of really cute prints and sign things that are so cheap and look so nice anywhere!

This is a really cute corner of my windowsill where I have put two frames. The rose-gold one is from Urban Outfitters, and the postcard inside it is from Paperchase. The Paperchase near me has a stand next to the till that's full of really cute postcards with really nice lettering and things, and we have a collage of them around our kitchen door. This one was just one we picked up while out yesterday! The other frame was a gift from my friend and I love it so much! The actual frame itself is from Tiger if anybody is interested (Tiger have a huge selection of frames!). The candle is from Primark, and I love the packaging so much! The actual scent isn't that nice, it smells a bit like a flower shop (not in a good way), but it isn't too bad.

This light hangs directly over the end of my bed and is one of my favourite pieces of homeware ever! Its actually from Not On The High Street, which is an online shop that has all sorts of cute homeware and bits on it! I really wish I could get the rest of my name in lights, but they are really expensive, (especially if you had a really long name) and to be honest, I think it looks just as good with only one!

These lights around my mirror (the mirror is from Ikea if you are interested) are really useful to bring a bit more light into the room without the overhead light. They were only from Homebase, but I'm sure you can get lights like these everywhere in a huge variety of different colours, but I decided to go for plain white, seeing as my room has so much going on!

This duvet was the first thing I spotted in Primark that got me really interested. It has a sort of winter/arctic theme, with lots of snow, wolves and polar bears. It also matches my colour scheme, whilst also bringing in a bit of grey, which I really like for autumn/winter as well as having bits of pink and mint green/blue.

These cushion obviously don't match at all! But hey! I love the contrast and the difference! I got the wolf cushion (from Primark) to match the duvet, because I couldn't get the duvet without the cushion!  The other cushion is absolutely one of my favourite cushions ever and is actually from Not On The High Street as well. Its a common misconception that it is a donut cushion, when in actual fact is a party ring, which is a type of biscuit (if you didn't know!). I love the way my PARTY RING cushion matches my striped wallpaper which is from some brand (can't remember which!) on Wallpaper Direct. 

These two cushion covers are from H&M, who actually do really great value homeware as well, and have a really useful range of basic colours and styles.

Again, the back cushion was from Not On The High Street, and when I redecorated my room, my Mum couldn't resist buying it for me because we have three cats and they love to sleep on our beds! I actually made the front cushion at a craft party a couple of years back, and I'm quite proud of it so I never get rid of it!

The throw on the end of the bed is from Primark as well and was also so cheap, and we just picked it up because we knew it would look good!

I have no clue whatsoever where this radio is from, but I got given it when my parents got a much nicer one because it matched my colour scheme and still worked well! Annoyingly, it doesn't fit my phone (I have an iPhone 5S) but it does fit my old 4S, which I use as an iPod. The little pink lantern is from Tiger and cost about two pounds!

I think this little noticeboard was from Asda, I don't know for sure though! I think its so cute, especially with the little owl and heart detail that I hung above it.

The pink bird peg is from John Lewis, and right now I'm just using it to hang my favourite Ted Baker bag!

Above my computer, I have recently started collecting and finding quotes from books I have read, and I've written them all down on post it notes and stuck on my wall! I don't know why but I've just found this is such a cute little way of making a plain area look special! I also find that having them right above my computer is such good inspiration!

Some of my favourites are: "Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise." -Victor Hugo (Les Miserables)

"We find a short way by a long wandering." -Thomas Hardy (Tess of the  d'urbervilles)

"Chose life, chose love and alway remember to live." -Holly Bourne (The Manifesto on How to be Interesting)

"We're all mad here." -C.S Lewis (Alice in Wonderland)

"Growing older does not seem to make you more certain. It simply presents you with more reasons for doubt." -Jessie Burton (The Miniaturist) 

I've also found that knowing a good quote is the perfect opening/ending of an essay, and brings some originality to any assessments!

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