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Ibiza Baby!

By 12:04

Hi Again! I know its been a hell of a long time since I last blogged anything and I apologise! To be honest,I know I use this excuse every time but, I was actually very busy, as I had end of year exams followed by two dance exams and by then I was all ready for summer, which regrettably would have been the perfect time to blog. However, I'm such a procrastinator, and I kind of put off posting anything else on my blog because of the overwhelming fear that somebody would find it completely stupid and embarrassing, because, as you can see, my blog is quite messy, and nowhere near perfect! Despite all this I really want to give my blog another go because its something that interests me a lot, and a great project that I will enjoy like I did when I first started blogging.  Right now, visually, I know my blog does not look that good, but I promise that the content is exactly how I'd like it to be. I am working on the way my blog looks, and I want to completely change it, including the name (I'm working on that too!), so bear with me because I'm trying my hardest! 

During the summer, I did so many things; I went on holiday twice, which were two of the best holidays ever; I met up with loads of friends, new and old and I generally relaxed and enjoyed the time off school. We went to Ibiza later in the summer, and I've never enjoyed a place so much! As Ibiza is quite a small island, everything is in driving distance of wherever you stay. Admittedly some places will take longer to reach than others, but its all drivable in an evening. To start off my return to blogging, I'd like to talk about my 10 favourite places in Ibiza, and will hopefully talk about one or two places in each post about my trip. I can't promise that there will be a post every day, but I will hopefully post whenever I can (which doesn't give me a lot of options as I am now doing 8 dance lessons, a singing lesson and a guitar lesson each week, with school and homework to deal with first!). However I am hoping I will not fizzle out and give up like last time! Please, please stick with me, as I really want this to work!

Love Elle xx

1/2. SANTA EULARIA: Babylon Beach and Cafe Sidney
Santa Eularia is honestly one of the prettiest places ever, and I absolutely loved it there. Right on a beach, there a loads of lovely restaurants and shops along the marina and in and around Santa Eularia itself. When you do visit the marina, if you decide to visit one of the restaurants (Cafe Sidney is the best choice in my opinion, you can enjoy the a beautiful view of the boats coming in and out from where you are eating.

Cafe Sidney is a lovely little place right on the edge of the marina, and serve a great range of food (I'd recommend their salmon!). It was such an amazing view, especially as we visited Cafe Sidney on our last night!

Another amazing place on the outskirts of Santa Eularia is Babylon Beach. This is great bar and restaurant, although there isn't much of an actual beach if you want to go for a whole day. However, there are great places to sun lounge and have a drink by the sea, and the restaurant is a great place for a night out. It has a very interesting driftwood theme, and an impressive play area for kids (including a zip wire and a climbing wall!) The menu is not very varied; there are options for vegetarians and vegans, but overall there just isn't a lot to chose from. What they do have on the menu however, is absolutely incredible, and I would recommend all of it. (This does explain the exceptionally high prices!)

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