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Ibiza Baby!: Pasha Shops

By 08:30

My 7th place that I would recommend in Ibiza is definitely the Pasha shops that are dotted around the island ;)
Love, Elle x

As you may or may not know, like many others, Pasha is one of the big-name clubs, if not the most well known. Around the island there are a few shops selling the club's stylish and trendy merchandise. In my opinion, I think that the Pacha name and shops are basically another brand of clothes over in Ibiza. I picked up a lovely khaki green t-shirt with the famous cherries over the front, and a white phone case with the same logo. However they sell just about anything   from their well known CDs and T-shirts to bags, jewellery, some homeware and anything else you can think of with the bright red pacha logo over the front.

Its not just the merchandise that is everywhere, the logo is plastered on every billboard and sign everywhere you go! I'm not sure if there are anymore in Ibiza, but I went to two Pacha shops during my visit. The first one was in Santa Eularia, and it was definitely my favourite of the three I visited. It was a lot bigger and brighter than the other two, and had a fan pumping the smell of cherries round the room, which was gorgeous! This is where I picked up my t-shirt, because it was a lot quieter and a lot more spacious, allowing me to try on clothes in peace!

The second shop we visited was in Ibiza Old Town later at night, and it was full of people trying to buy some Pacha merchandise! It was actually split into two sections and didn't look as nice visually. We didn't spend long in there, I bought my phone case and we got out as soon as we could!

The third Pacha shop was in the airport, after bag checkout and before customs. It was in the centre of the shops and was a huge circle. We didn't buy anything there, but it was still a something interesting to do while we waited!

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