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Ibiza Baby!: Las Dalias/On the beach

By 10:25

Hi! As you can probably see, I've updated my blog's layout and name! Its still not perfect, but its looking a lot better in my opinion! I'm having a bit of a problem with my labels and categories right now, but I'm trying to sort it. Anyway, I'm continuing my series of Ibiza posts (favourite 10 places I visited in Ibiza). Enjoy!
Love, Elle xx

Las Dalias hippy market is a well known event that takes place often , and is full to the brim with weird and wonderful little items. From friendship bracelets to model elephants made of recycled coke bottles, there really is something for everyone! To be honest, if you were actually thinking of going to the Hippy Market, you probably should think about whether you or someone you are travelling with will be okay in crowds, because it can get very crowded very quickly, and can sometimes be quite stressful, but its worth it for the range of quirky and cool things to do, buy and look at.

I'd recommend checking out the mojito area in the middle as they sell a great range of drinks and food. There are also lots of other cool things to do including: henna tattoos, visiting the indoor market and taking a look at all the interesting pieces of artwork.

On the Beach is actually a very cute restaurant and bar tucked away in a corner of Cala San Vicente. It has beautiful decor and is basically build around the beach itself, (we where sat right next to a tree). There are really pretty fairy lights twisted around everything, and loads of hand painted beach signs. The food was delicious, and it actually came really quickly!

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