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Ibiza Baby!: Cas Pages and Chirincana

By 08:43

This blog post is definitely about the less well-known places of Ibiza that still bring the same vibe of Ibiza. Although these places aren't commercialised everywhere, they still are beautiful places to go, and in most cases provide excellent service!

The first place is Chirincana, which is a really cute little bar on the edge of the beautiful beach that is Cala Martina. We did't stop for food, but it was a lovely little place to get a drink in. There's a beautiful view of the sunset over the ocean, and lots of music everywhere. Like many places in Ibiza, the mojitos were very popular!

The mojito van that was parked outside was very cool! They were alcoholic but from the sip I had, I can tell they were very well 

Another favourite of mine is the characteristic Cas Pages. From the outside, this place really doesn't look like much, it honestly doesn't look more than a house or a random building. However its a whole different story inside!The decor is beautiful, everything is covered because of long vines and plants had grown over the outside structure, so it feels as if you are inside.

 I have never had nicer spare ribs in my life! All the meat was absolutely gorgeous, but meat was the only meal they sold! I'm not kidding- there was not one vegetarian meal on the menu, it was meat or nothing! You could order a side dish of vegetables, but there were no meals that didn't involve meat. The only thing that spoiled it for me was the fact that I had a nasty ear infection at the time because of swimming underwater too much!

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