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London Adventure: The Railway Children

By 02:54

I went to London with some of my best friends a couple of weekends ago but unfortunately my computer has not been working so I couldn't post the pictures until now! Anyway, we started the day with a long drive up to their house, but it actually didn't take as long as we had expected and we ended up being there early! After that, we took a train to Kings Cross Station, had a quick look around there, and made our way to Kings Cross Theatre. 

We went to see the Railway Children, and it was such a good show! The seats were on either side of the stage, rather that opposite it, and that actually made it so much easier to watch because we were quite close up. A real steam train came on stage as well, which made it so realistic. I think it was such a good family show, and i'd definitely recommend it.

When the show finished, we went to the house of illustration, which was quite near to the theatre. I think that it was very expensive for what it was. My Mum is an illustrator, so for her and the other adults it was enjoyable, but I wouldn't recommend going with kids, as there is only a couple of rooms that you can finish very quickly.
On the way to our restaurant, we did a bit of shopping in St.Pancras. I spotted a MAC shop, so I went in and bought myself a new lipstick. Mum went into the White Company and Cath Kidson and the girls went into Paperchase. 
Our last stop was Carluccios, which was really tasty, and I really enjoyed my steak! Then we got the train back from Kings Cross.

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