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By 05:30

I've got some pictures of the lush bath bomb that I bought yesterday in town, as I'm going to a sleepover tonight, so I can't post anything this evening. I'm really annoyed though because I had photos of another bath bomb to post as well, but I its deleted of my camera for some reason which is really annoying :(.

Space Girl Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is one of Lush's classics bath bombs that stay around all year. It smells really fruity and fresh which is nice. Its has popping candy in it which crackles as it fizzes round the bath. I wouldn't say this is one of my favourite bath bombs, as it was't very relaxing to be honest, but I always love trying out new bath bombs. Hopefully next time I get a chance to go into lush, I'll be able to buy as lots without knocking over a a massive jug of liquid all over the place! (Read my last blog post to find out more).

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