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Back to School and Hobbies

By 10:08

Today was my first day back at school after the Christmas holidays, and as you can imagine, i've been dreading it for ages. Though, today wasn't actually that bad, and going back to school is never as bad as it seems. The only annoying thing is that I'm not going to have as much chance to blog, because I will be at school. So this post is going to be about my hobbies. I have 4 main hobbies, and they are: Singing, Dancing, Music (Playing instruments as well as listening to it) and of course, photography. 

I have been singing since I was 7, when I joined my primary school choir till I was 11. I do miss it because the many performances and solos I had, the more confidence I gained. My biggest solo was performing at my local village festival to hundreds of people on a huge stage in a field. I have been having private lessons for a year and a half, to fill the gap of my school choir, and since then I have performed to a much bigger audience on a much bigger stage in my annual dance show. In September 2014, me and some friends recorded vocals for a band's upcoming album to be released later this month, as they needed so kids to sing in many of the songs.

I have been dancing since I was 4. I started in a huge dance school in my local town which I only had lessons in modern jazz, but only for a year or so. When I was 6, I joined a much smaller dance school in the village that only focused on street dance. I enjoyed it for many years. My sister who is 3 and a half years younger than me, then went on to join an in-between in size dance school in our village in 2010, and performed in her first show. I liked the professionalism so much that I decided to join in December 2010. It was very scary coming to a new dance school where everyone is amazing, but I picked it up gradually. In early 2013 I quit my street dance school to focus on bigger things. I now learn ballet, modern jazz and contemporary, and have been in pointe shoes since I was 11. This year is my 5th year at my dance school and I hopefully will be taking my Grade 6 ballet exam this summer. 

I also have been learning guitar since I was 8. I didn't perform as much with guitar although I enjoy it very much. I did perform with it in a choir concert, an school talent show and an end of year school play. I also have a year of keyboard experience as well, and I was given an award of excellence in music for my high level in keyboard playing at my school, but I don't play the keyboard anywhere near as much. In addition to this, I just love listening to music as well, my favourite artist and inspiration being Ed Sheeran, as he always plays with just a guitar and his songs he's written himself, not having everyone doing it for him.

My photography is shown on this site, I love to take photos, its a simple as that, and although I'm not seeking a career in it, it will always be a hobby of mine, and something to fall back on.

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