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Lush Products

By 03:03

In my christmas presents post from a couple of days ago, I mentioned my box of lush products (Lush is a company that make gorgeous smelling handmade skincare, hair and bath products). I haven't managed to go out to take some more pictures yet, so I thought I'd upload what my new lush products look like in action.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
This is probably one of my most favourite Lush items, but sadly it only comes out a christmas time. Its smells like candy-floss, making its scent very sweet, which not everyone likes, but I really do! It creates loads of bubbles in creamy pink water when you crumble it under the tap, because bubble bars are different to bath bombs. Candy Mountain is also reusable, so you can break it into two, and use it on two different occasions.

Sparkler Bath Bomb
I'm not completely sure on this, but I think this bath bomb was new this year. Its supposed to be a fireworks night bath bomb, but it stays in the stores till the end of the christmas season. It smells like rose jam, and is made with popping candy, so it really fizzes a lot! The only thing I would say about this one, is that after its created a lovely yellow-orange bath for you, all the gold glitter creates a massive mess round the bath, so if you don't like getting your bath dirty, I wouldn't recommend this.

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