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4: Near where we were staying was Landmark in Carrbridge! This is a really interesting 'Forest Adventure Park' which has lots of bits to it. I think I'd recommend this more for summer, as lots of things weren't open due to the weather. However, I still think it was a nice place to visit, and fun day out for me and my friends.

A really interesting part of Landmark is the 'Bamboozeleum' which sounds strange, but was a laugh for us. It was full of interesting optical illusions and effects, some of which made us giggle, and others made us stop in our tracks as they were quite relaxing to watch.

Landmark also has lots of outdoor activities, including: Nature trails, outdoor interesting climbing and play equipment, a couple of waterslides (they weren't open), a large scale shooting arcade game thing, lots of bits and bobs to look at and the highest wooden tower in Britain!

The tower was very impressive, and you could see the Cairngorms from it, which was amazing, and something that couldn't be caught on camera really. All in all, it was a worthy trip!
2/3: Cairngorms and Aviemore
While we were in Scotland I had the opportunity to try a bit of skiing, which I have only done once -when I was seven. This time round we went up the Cairngorm mountains, which were absolutely stunning from below and up above. I have to admit my skiing experience didn't end well, and although I really didn't enjoy skiing, I still got to witness the stunning views provided. Overall, I have to say, the experience is amazing, and I'm happy I went up there, but I just think I needed some more experience before going somewhere so full on!

Another place that was great for other reasons was Aviemore. This town wasn't far from us, and provided us with many things as the week went by. As well as being a nice place to hang out in general, there are so many great shops there (lots of winter sports related shops), including a sweet shop that we visited a few times too many! One of my favourite memories from this trip was when me and the other three oldest kids took a trip to the tesco, which, for some reason, was hilarious. The combination of being on holiday, being with friends and being trusted with a large shop for the adults just made it brilliant!
Hi again! Wow, its been a long time since I've blogged anything! Can you believe its nearly March? I hope everyone had a great christmas and is enjoying the new year as much as I have been! I recently went to Scotland over the February half term and it inspired me to create a series of blog posts about various places that are amazing and interesting in their own ways, similar to what I did when I went to Ibiza over the summer. Enjoy!
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We stayed in Carrbridge (North of Scotland) in a huge hunting lodge in the middle of nowhere- I mean it was literally a lone building in a view of fields that seemed to last forever! Me and my family stayed with two other families who are our good friends, and who we have visited the same place with before (7 years ago). one of the reasons I enjoyed this holiday so much was the fact that it was so cosy and hilarious. Being with my good friends in the snow of Scotland miles from home was just such good fun. I loved it because none of us had to worry about how we acted or what we did while we were out, we just ran about in the snow in our pyjamas! Being there was so relaxing and refreshing, and I can't recommend it enough! 

We did a number of activities and adventures while we were there, and some things I'd never normally do! I have loads of places to recommend, however, for this post I just want to share some of the incredible views while we were there. As we were very North of Scotland, we could see the mountains and they were all topped with snow like icing sugar over cakes! Actually, nearly everywhere had snow and want point, and to me it was amazing, as it was one of the only winter holidays I've ever been on!

I can't believe its Christmas Eve already! I've had the most brilliant month already, and I can't wait to see everyone over my break. I've gathered a few pictures for a cosy blog post to get in the mood!I hope everyone has a great christmas, and a brilliant new year!
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We got our Christmas tree this weekend, which meant a trip to the most christmassy place on earth! Its a farm that sells christmas trees, and also has a huge barn full of christmas decorations and food and its just the best! I took a bunch of cute photos which have just made the most christmassy post!